Why isn’t the more powerful Volkswagen Golf GTI coming to Australia?

Sporting styling may come at the Australian Volkswagen Golf GTI, but don’t hold your breath for more energy.

Todd Ford, Volkswagen product manager for passenger vehicles, has confirmed that the 180kW GTI currently sold in Australia will not be paired with the 221kW ClubSport offered in Europe.

The GTI Clubsport 45, which features the same engine tune, is also left out of the table.

Volkswagen knows Australian buyers will take them, but says the challenge of matching other models to our market is huge at the moment.

Volkswagen’s “no current plans” to bring them down, “as much as it annoys me and a lot of enthusiastic, enthusiastic GTI customers,” Mr Ford said. Care Expert.

Mr Ford said Volkswagen was “fairly limited” in bringing engine variants to Australia, which is why GTIs are not offered locally with a manual.

Although further off the power table, Volkswagen has not ruled out versions of the GTI, including a “styling upgrade” for Australia.

Volkswagen has offered a range of special editions based on the Mk7 and Mk7.5 GTI in Australia, from bargaining golf GTI original to more powerful golf GTI up to 40 years.

While GTI is not coming under ClubSport, Cupra offers something for buyers who like the formula.

The Spanish brand is part of the Volkswagen Group, and the Leone VZX combines a 221kW turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with front wheel drive in a golf-sized hatchback body.

Priced at আগে 60,990 before the on-road cost, it is actually compatible with a 180kW Golf GTI with all the optional packages fitted.

Volkswagen has also confirmed that the Golf R 20 year, its 245kW engine and all-wheel drive will come down after 2022.

It’s not a special edition – production will last 12 months, to celebrate the debut of the Volkswagen R badge two decades ago – but it does bring a special addition to the Golf R package, which has an acrobatic exhaust.

Mr Ford said the titanium extraction system, an alternative to a factory in Europe, was considered too expensive to bring to Australia.

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