Weizmann makes the electric SUV

Weizmann is considering adding an SUV to its lineup, the new owner of the niche German sports car company has revealed.

In an interview with Dr. Autocar Published last week, Rohan Berry, who acquired Weizmann in 2015 after the company went bankrupt, said that an SUV, powered by electricity, is a possibility, especially for new markets such as the United States and China, where the recently released Project Thunderbow Electric Sports Car . A lot of positive attention has been received.

Project Thunderball packs 670 hp and rides on a platform built with partner German company Roding, which worked with the E-Legend in its EL1 electric coupe inspired by the 1980s Audi Sport Quattro Group B homologation special.

Wiseman Project Thunderball

Wiseman Project Thunderball

According to Berry, the platform could accommodate an SUV but no decision has yet been made on such a vehicle.

“I think several SUVs are coming,” he told Autocar. “We’ll see where the market is, if there’s a demand, and if we want to go to that place.”

Berry went on to say that switching to electric power meant that Weizmann could build vehicles faster than cars when built with an internal-combustion engine, and that could mean increased power. However, he also said that he wants Wisman to be a special brand.

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