Volkswagen Group to launch new Scout electric trucks and SUVs in US

The Volkswagen Group is electrifying the US pickup and SUV market.

The Volkswagen Group portfolio continues to expand as it is announced that a separate, independent company will be established in the United States with the goal of designing, engineering and manufacturing pickup trucks and ragged SUVs (R-SUVs) for the American market. . To do this, Volkswagen decided to use a well-known and popular name here in the United States, Scout, known for creating iconic trucks and SUVs that served as pioneers of many SUVs and trucks that we know and love today.

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The use of the Scout brand reflects Volkswagen’s ambition to become a popular and relevant player in the growing and growing U.S. market for trucks and off-road-ready SUVs, and the group believes that success in this market is key to increasing profitability in the state, with a goal of 10 percent market share. The first prototypes of the upcoming Scout electric R-SUV and pickup truck are expected to be unveiled next year, and the Volkswagen Group aims to produce them in 2026. Looks like the cars of the future, the Volkswagen Group has decided to close its route to US success.

Source: Volkswagen Group

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