Vehicle News this Week: May 30-June 3, 2022

We publish a ton of car news every week (70-odd as a rule), and it can be hard to keep up with everything – which is the reasoning behind this weekend’s list.

In short, here it is Something The main articles in our news desk have been summarized since Monday of this week, if you miss them at that time.

What a leg up!

New car sales in Australia fell 6.4 per cent to 94,383 units in May – which is blamed on a steady lack of supply by car brands.

Although it wasn’t a bad May for all car companies: Kia posted a stunning result, second overall to the best finish of all time. Market leader Toyota, Kia’s older brother Hyundai, Plus MG, Subaru and Suzuki all posted strong growth.

No surprises have been revealed for the most popular models: the Toyota Hilux tops, the widely supplied Toyota RAV4 (which has a waiting list of more than 12 months), and the Runout Ford Ranger, still strong to the end.

Full story: May 2022 Car sales statistics

Longest new defender yet

The extended-length Land Rover Defender 130 has been released, offering up to eight seats.

The extra length at 130 is entirely overhang, as the eight-seater Defender 110 runs a uniform 3022mm wheelbase with the 110.

Land Rover says the 130’s third row has comfortable seating for three adults. 110 offers a third row seat, but there are only two seats and they are most suitable for children.

Full story: 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 priced from 124,150

Electric 500e coming down

Stellantis Australia has finally been able to confirm that it will bring Fiat 500e Electric city cars here with the expected arrival in the first half of 2023.

Smaller, retro-cool electric vehicles (EVs) have always been on the local arm’s list of favorites, but production has largely been dedicated to Europe.

The Australian news follows Fiat’s recent announcement that it plans to shut down all non-electric vehicles (hybrid and EV) in the UK from 1 July.

Full story: The Fiat 500e EV is set for Australia in 2023

The Mercedes-AMG One is finally ready

The oppressed development of AMG One is over.

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled its Formula 1 car for the road in the guise of production, and it’s as wild as you might expect.

Initially intended for launch in 2019, the One is stuck on the road with the challenge of building a powertrain derived from F1 work and always meets stringent emissions standards.

Full story: Released as a Mercedes-AMG One production

BMW Lobs New Entry EV

BMW Australia’s growing range of electric vehicles will be further expanded in the first quarter of 2023 with the recently released iX1 mini SUV, an entry point that will replace the defunct i3 hatch.

The new, 4.5-meter-long iX1 will slot in the lower range of the iX3 SUV, as well as the flagships of the i4 GT and Radical iX range.

“In its third model generation, the BMW X1 also offers a wide range of BMW i-style electric mobility gateways for the target audience,” the company said.

Full story: BMW iX1 entry level EV early 2023

Published by General-to-GLC

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its vital, second-generation GLC mid-size SUV, with a variety of electric powertrains and styling derived from the new C-Class.

The first Australian arrival of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC is expected in the first half of 2023. More details, including local range pricing and engine line-up, will be released near its launch.

With no new C-Class wagons or all-terrain crossover forms offered in Australia, GLC will have to fill this gap and build on the success of the car as opposed to the BMW X3 and Audi Q5.

Full story: 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC released

Lexus has a brand new RX SUV

Lexus has unveiled its fifth-generation RX large SUV – built on the latest company GA-K platform, with a completely redesigned exterior and interior, and a new selection of engines with different hybrids.

The BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE have been confirmed for the company’s latest competitor Australia, but the company will wait for us after 2022 to reveal the local powertrain, specification, price and arrival time.

This new RX closely follows the revelations of the smaller new generation NX mid-size SUV, the larger (Toyota LandCruiser-based) LX body-on-frame SUV, and the RZ All-Electric SUV.

Full story: 2023 Lexus RX released

Two-seat GR Corolla!

Can Toyota GR Corolla be more restless? Of course you can. Write a new two-seater variant, known abroad as the marijuana version.

The lighter, Turkish, two-seater GR Corolla will arrive in Australia in 2023.

Toyota Australia plans to open an order book in the fourth quarter of 2022 for both regular four- and two-seater GR Corolla models, details will be released around that time.

Full story: Toyota GR Corolla two-seater ‘Morijo version’ for Australia in 2023

Hyundai and Kia have launched app connectivity

Hyundai Australia buyers will soon be able to remotely check the temperature, lock or unlock, and view their car’s location using the smartphone app.

The Bluelink app will debut in 2023 Palisade for Australia and from there will roll out “slowly” across the Hyundai range.

In Kia, the function will debut in the new Niro Hybrid and EV.

This will be standard for both the hybrid and electric GT-line variants of the new Nero range, and Kia says that each of its larger range models will get the option when facelifted or replaced with a new model.

Hyundai Bluelink here, and Kia Connect here

Exclude luxury tax, says car industry

For the fiscal year 2022-23 there has been a big leap for the luxury vehicle tax threshold for fuel-efficient vehicles compared to other vehicles, but the 21-year-old tax remains the target of criticism.

From July 1, the threshold for fuel-efficient vehicles will increase by 6.6 percent to $ 84,916, while for all other vehicles it will increase by only 3.9 percent to $ 71,849.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), the industry’s top body, has again called for the abolition of luxury car taxes and replacement with road-user charges.

Full story: Luxury car tax threshold rises, FCAI slams ‘poor tax’

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