Toyota’s new Corolla-sized EV sedan Speed

ToyotaIts second ‘BZ Series’ electric vehicle (EV) has been spied on the streets of China after some simple all-black camouflage.

It is believed that this is the car that Toyota is co-developing with the Chinese giant BYDAs reported in December 2021. It will probably be manufactured and sold exclusively in China.

At that time, four unknown sources gave this information Reuters The car will be an all-electric sedan with “finally an affordable but spacious run-of-the-mill technology”. The EVT has been compared to a “Corolla with a large back-seat section”.

Spy is going to stop sharing pictures carspiesThis disguised sedan prototype bears a striking resemblance to the Toyota bZ SDN concept that the Japanese automaker showed in December 2021, among 15 others.

On the front, the prototype seems to hold the same headlight signature as the concept with the four square elements. Going beyond the outline of the camouflage prototype, the wrapped light strip is also expected to remain.

The front bumper appears to have the same angular and sporty silhouette as the BZ SDN concept with trapezoidal lower air intake and thinner side vents.

While this EVT looks like most Corolla sedans around, it also has Tesla Model 3 components.

The side profile retracts the classic sedan shape with a round glasshouse and marries it with a scooped-out door portion and a creased bonnet. The wheels are also covered with flat camouflage plates.

Just like the bZ SDN concept, this Spidey prototype has a similar side window shape that extends the way the rear part expands compared to the regular Corolla. The extended length sedan is popular in the Chinese market.

The back of the camouflage prototype looks like another full-width light bar for tail lights with a fine boot lip spoiler and a rear diffuser.

Inside, this spide prototype has a stacked center console design similar to the existing Toyota bZ4x and is paired with a Ford Mustang Mach e-style vertical infotainment touchscreen.

The rotating gear selector and steering wheel also look like they were pulled directly from the bZ4x.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“The car was powered by BYD battery technology,” an unnamed source said Reuters.

“It has helped us meet the challenges we face in bringing affordable small electric sedans with a spacious interior.”

BYD first launched its LFP blade battery in 2020 When the modules are flattened on the floor, they are said to be about 10 cm thick, about five to 10 cm thinner than lithium-ion battery packs.

LFP batteries are currently used in several EVs, including the Chinese-made Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Although these battery chemicals are less energy-intensive and can perform poorly in cold weather than lithium-ion cells, LFP batteries are cheaper, less likely to overheat, do not use cobalt or nickel, and can often be fully charged without fear. Deterioration

A source said Reuters The price of this bZ sedan will probably be less than ¥ 200,000 ($ A41,670) and it is rumored that the budget will slot into more premium EVs like Wuling Hongguang and Nio ES6 and Tesla Model 3.

The new Toyota BZ sedan was originally expected to be unveiled at the 2022 Beijing Motor Show in April, although this did not happen. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Toyota currently plans to release 15 EVs that will be available worldwide by 2025, seven of which will be under BJD Moniker.

The Australian launch of its first bZ model, the bZ4x mid-size crossover, has been delayed until 2023.

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