Toyota has already surpassed Volkswagen with one million sales in 2022

Toyota Motor Corporation His position on has improved Volkswagen Group In the race to become the biggest automaker of 2022 – record and calculate sales results for four months in a calendar year.

At the end of April 2022, Toyota – including Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino trucks – claimed 3,429,636 sales worldwide, down 5.8 percent.

In contrast, the Volkswagen Group – including large clusters of brands including Volkswagen Passenger & Commercial Vehicle, Skoda, Seat / Kupra, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Man, Scania and Navistar – posted 2,414,800 sales per share.

This gave the Japanese giant more than a million units ahead of its German arch-rivals.

Toyota Motor Corporation and Volkswagen Group were the top two automakers in 2021, with distinct global sales of 10,495,548 sales and 8,610,100 sales.

The corresponding dips of 2022 highlight how each monolith has affected the ongoing COVID shutdown in Shanghai and the war in Ukraine as key material suppliers, as well as the ongoing global supply chain challenges, including the ongoing global shortage of critical semiconductors.

Toyota has apparently been forced to cut production every week lately, with the latest development a move to shut down 10 Japanese plants for the entire business week in early June.

“We’ve revised production plans more rationally with the latest realities and positioned the April-June period as a ‘deliberate break,'” TMC said this week.

“The April production plan was based on this approach, but due to the impact of the lockdown in Shanghai, China, production was lower than planned.”

Herbert Dice, Volkswagen’s chief executive, told the News Service Reuters Earlier this month he saw a “clear improvement” in semiconductor supply and hoped that global automaker production could recover for the rest of this year.

However, that gap seems quite wide.

Sales January-April 2022 Change
Toyota and Lexus 3,120,233 -6.0%
Daihatsu 257,456 -5.0%
Hino 51,947 2.6%
Toyota Corp. Total 3,429,738 -5.8%
Sales January-April 2022 Change
VW passenger 1,274,000 -29.1%
Skoda 239,200 -28.4%
Seats and cloths 123,600 -28.5%
VW Commercial 104,100 -21.2%
Audi 487,000 -23.2%
Lamborghini and Bentley 7,900 1.4%
Porsche 92,400 -8.1%
People 42,000 -18.8%
Scania 21,900 -31.6%
Navister 22,600
Volkswagen AG Total 2,414,800 -26.0%

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