Toyota Compact Cruiser: EV Off-Roader Revealed in More Details

Toyota Suzuki Jimny has offered to take a closer look at its electric answer.

The Compact cruiser – or LiteCruiser, as it may be known – was released in 2021 along with 15 other electric vehicles as part of a plan to sell 3.5 million electric cars annually by 2030.

More photos of the car behind its category win at the 2022 Car Design Awards in Milan, Italy have been released.

Although it has not been confirmed for production, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has described 16 cars as the “showroom of the future” for Toyota and Lexus. The brand plans to sell 30 electric cars by 2030.

The Lexus RZ concept has already become a reality from the visionary fleet of the EV concept, so it’s not unreasonable to expect the compact cruiser to hit the showroom at some point.

Toyota did not elaborate on what power the compact off-roader would give, but the concept pictured here confirms that it has an all-wheel drive.

The designers of the concept were inspired by the first Land Cruiser, when the details matched the retro-futuristic FJ Cruiser sold in Australia between 2011 and 2016.

There are more than 70 series of hints about the size of the LED running lights on the front.

Large bash plates, black cladding, and roof-mounted snowboards have widened the design elements that are unlikely to carry unchanged in production, but they will tell you what the car will look like in the end if it hits showrooms.

The first electric Toyota in Australia will be the bZ4X SUV which will land in early 2023.

Electric off-roaders are very few and far between at the moment, but it won’t last long.

The Jeep is committed to building an electric Wrangler, while Enos is building an EV smaller than its Grenadier.

Electrical devices such as the Rivian R1T and the GMC Hummer EV also promise to carry e-power deep into the desert … once the production of both ramps increases.

Toyota sees itself in 2021 as the electric version of its tundra pickup truck.

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