Top auto-inspired LEGO sets are now available

Take on the challenge of building your own supercar or collector car with the help of Lego.

Although the attraction to automobiles mostly starts at a young age, so does the creative passion for Lego and building. LEGO professionals see an opportunity to fill the void left by car enthusiasts looking to create their current high-quality scale, which gave birth to a division of the Lego technique to provide high-scale examples of the most iconic cars in the industry. Today, we put together a list Top automotive-inspired Lego sets are now available, Just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Click on any of the links below to purchase products featuring this specialty.

Lamborghini Cyan FKP

Lego Cyan

Experience the indomitable power and appearance of the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 while immersed in this LEGO® Technic ™ Building Kit (42115). With gorgeous details, the model car is a trusted representation of the original Sián FKP 37 in dazzling lime green with golden rims. Authentic features include an 8-speed transmission, powered by a moving pedal gearshift, a V12 engine with a running piston, and a 4-wheel drive. Use the steering wheel to position the vehicle, then look at the front and rear suspension. Like the full size super sports car, this model car has classic scissor opening doors.

Price: $ 569.99

Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse # 51”

Lego Ferrari

Having won a prestigious victory for the Princing Horse in the world’s toughest endurance race, the Ferrari 488 GTE is a car unlike any other. Now you can create your own LEGO® technique model version, complete with authentic design details – just like the iconic original. With amazing attention to detail, this racing car model is a true expression of Ferrari’s endurance racer. Features include front and rear suspension, door openings, a V8 engine with a running piston, and a steering wheel that drives the car. Original stickers and authentic colors add the perfect finish to this epic model.

Price: $ 299.99

Volkswagen T2 camper van


Whether you’re reviving the adventures of the past, planning a trip to the future, or just celebrating your passion for the Camper Van, you’ll love this LEGO® Volkswagen T2 Camper Van (10279) model building project. Take your time to create the camper van model then explore its detailed interior before putting it on display to remind you that there is a world of adventure around the corner. Camper van fans will love all the great design details packed in this VW model. The new LEGO components recreate many of the favorite features from the original Camper van, including the iconic front windscreen, textile curtains and textile pop-up tents. It also has a new Lego tire shape, working steering, a sliding door, surfboard, 2 folding chairs and a full-power sticker.

Price: $ 269.99

Ford® F-150 Raptor

Lego Raptor

In production since 1948, the Ford® F-Series has been a constant symbol of quality and functionality. Now with this LEGO® Technic ™ Ford F-150 Raptor (42126) building set you can recreate all the details of Ford’s 2021 F-150 pickup truck as well as pay homage to the ‘workhorse’ of the pickup world. In addition to providing an immersive LEGO building challenge for adults, this set is a perfect gift for you or those who love the Ford F-Series. Authentic details include a V6 engine with a running piston, and all-wheel suspension. There are 4 open doors, so you can easily appreciate the interior with an opening hood and truck bed. After spending quality time on this project, you can put your collectible model on display to celebrate your passion for pickup.

Price: 249.99

Porsche 911

Lego Porsche

Celebrate Porsche’s unmistakable style with this wonderful building challenge as you create your own classic, collectible car with the LEGO® Porsche 911 (10295) model kit. Either choose the turbo model with a turbo-charged engine or its iconic targa bar with targa and a removable roof that stores under the hood. Both the Turbo and Targa models have authentic Porsche 911 details such as iconic front and rear bumpers, angular headlights, printed logos and number plates. And the interior is just as impressive with the work steering, gearsticks, emergency brakes, tilting seats and dark-orange-and-nougat color scheme.

Price: $ 229.99

Porsche 911 RSR

Lego RSR

Celebrate an icon of engineering excellence with LEGO® Technic ™ 42096 Porsche 911 RSR. Developed in partnership with Porsche, this authentic replica captures the car’s robust appearance with sharp contours and aerodynamic details, including a ‘duck neck’ mount, an extended rear diffuser and a specially designed side mirror with a rear wing. Functions include a visible, functional differential, independent suspension and a six-cylinder boxer engine with a running piston located in front of the rear axle, while the accessible cockpit has a radar screen, working steering, fire extinguishing system and even a track map. The Laguna Seka circuit is printed on the driver’s door. An authentic white, red and black color scheme with black spoke rim, realistic head and tail lights and sticker detailing adds the final touch to this great LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR model, a perfect display piece for home or office.

Price: $ 149.99

Ford Horseshoe

Lego Mustang

Discover the magic of an iconic 1960s American muscle car with the LEGO® Creator Ford Mustang, featuring dark-blue bodywork with a white racing stripe, bonnet scoop, printed Mustang grill badge, GT emblem and road-gripping tires with 5-spoke rim. There are 6 Built with Ford’s input, this authentic replica comes with optional add-ons for customization, including a license plate, supercharger, rear docktail spoiler, BFI exhaust pipe, front chin spoiler and a nitrous oxide tank. You can even adjust the rear axle lift for an extra average look! Remove the roof panel or open the door and you have detailed interior access including a handsome seat, radio, working steering and a mid-console gearshift. Store items in the trunk or lift the hood to reveal a detailed large block 390 V8 engine with batteries, hose and air filter details. This advanced building set is designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience full of nostalgia and makes it a great focal point for home or office.

Price: $ 149.99

Fiat 500

Lego Fiat

This LEGO® Creator Expert Fiat 500 model car (10271) recreates a true icon of classic automotive design. Teenagers and adult fans will enjoy the challenging building experience offered by this model kit based on the Fiat 500F legend of the late 60’s and appreciate all the authentic LEGO brick details such as luggage racks with suitcases, detailed interiors and openings. Roof, door, hood and tailgate. To complete the Italian theme, this classic model car also has a folding easel with a paintbrush, palette and small ‘painting’ of the car in front of Rome’s famous Colosseum.

Price: $ 139.99

Batman Batmobile

Batmobile Lego

Super-hero fans will enjoy a thrilling challenge as they build the iconic BATMOBILE ™ car in the form of LEGO® Technic. Inspired by the latest version of BATMOBILE from the 2022 movie The BATMAN, this highly detailed toy car building set has a true-to-life design and is packed with hot features.

Price: 99.99

Jeep® Wrangler

Lego Zip

Any car-loving kid would be proud to own a high-performance 4X4. Now you can make that dream come true with the LEGO® Technic ™ Jeep® Wrangler (42122) toy model. Boys and girls 9 years of age and older will have fun exploring this iconic off-road. There is a button to drive the front steering wheel and its powerful axle-articulation suspension means kids will love to test their models on obstacles around the house. With open doors and hoods, fold-down rear seats, a full-size extra tire, winch and classic zip branding, this fun toy model car brings kids closer to the original Jeep Wrangler Rubiken than ever before. The eye-catching, yellow and black color scheme means this model looks great in action or on display.

Price: 89.99

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500


With this exciting LEGO® Technic ™ Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500® (42138) set let kids ages 9 and up create their own drag race car toys. Submerged builds give kids a great acquaintance with engineering – but that’s just the beginning! Using 2 pull-back motors, kids can send toy car racing. Use the AR app to take the gaming experience to the next level with many exciting, augmented reality features.

Price: 49.99

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