Tint World® Automotive Styling Center করে celebrates a remarkable 2021

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Tint World: Automotive Styling Center ™, a leading window tinting, and automotive accessories franchise, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Tint World®’s remarkable annual performance in 2021 demonstrates the strong value of the franchise brand and its unique growth strategy and the strength of the franchise success model.

“With a total of 94 Tint World® locations, we are completing the 40th anniversary target of our 100 open stores, with 68 new franchise licenses currently being created for 2022,” said Charles J. Bonfiglio, President and CEO of Tint World®. “We are proud to be able to earn significantly more than $ 62 million in 2021, thanks to the increase in average store sales and, in large part, to the growing number of Tint World® locations that have recorded annual revenue of over এক 1 million.”

Tint World®’s 2022 strategy for franchise development includes focusing on an optimized sales process, streamlining lead management, and increasing investment in online marketing and social media efforts.

“Our growth really speaks to the unique business model we have created and the character and commitment of our franchise,” said Bonfiglio.

Founded in 1982, Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers ™ is America’s largest and fastest growing automotive accessories and window tinting international franchisee, specializing in window tinting, protective film, car packaging, audio and electronics, security systems, automotive, automotive, automotive, automotive, and automotive. By And tire, detail and ceramic coating, and installation services.

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Tint World® Mobile Services রয়েছে includes marine, residential, and commercial window tinting film, solar film, decorative film, safety and security film, and protective ceramic coating. Tint World® is located in the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, where there are opportunities for worldwide master franchises.

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