Tim Allen’s 2017 Ford GT up for auction

Presented by Sackie & Co. | Online Supercar Auction.

Sackie & Co. | Online Supercar Auction is proud to present this stunning 2017 Ford GT Serial No. The H074 has a dark energy interior and is finished at Factory Ingot Silver, just 739 miles from New. This Ford GT was ordered new and owned by Golden Globe-winning actor and comedian Tim Allen in late 2021.

The Ford GT is now live for online auction at Sackey & Co. Bidding ends May 31.

Background to the latest iteration of the Ford GT:

In 1901, automotive engineer Henry Ford and his 26-horsepower car “Sweepstack” famously won the Detroit-area race in his 70-horsepower “Bullet” against local favorite Alexander Winton, a testament to the lightness and reliability of the Ford-made car. . His victory would promote and attract investors which allowed him to start the Ford Motor Company in 1903 in less than two years.

More than a century later, in 2014, Ford built a twin-turbocharged V6 unit for silent prototype class racing, pushing it to the final victory at the 2015 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. The engine at that time took advantage of similar features of the recently introduced V6 power units in Formula 1, with better packaging, weight and fuel efficiency compared to larger engines used earlier. The engine was inspired by the spirit that Henry Ford used in his original racing car – a focus on innovative engineering rather than conventional thinking.

Occasional observers believe that Ford is only experimenting with a new racing engine, but the company has bigger plans ahead. The final use for the engine was unveiled as a new purpose-built Ford GT race car that would do an incredible job of returning to Le Mans to reclaim Ford’s 1966 Ferrari-bit 1-2-3 Finnish, 50’s glory. Days later in 2016.

Surprisingly, they succeeded in achieving their goal, beating Ferrari once again to take 1st place and write one of the best sports car and racing stories of all time!

The road-legal variant of the Le Mans-winning Ford GT was built alongside the race version, which was carried as a necessary equivalence effort, and in addition, as a gift for Ford fiduciaries, only 1,350 total units were planned. The said production schedule will be completed in just a few months, all allotments are sold out. Made by Ford Affiliate Multimetics, who originally built the Michelotto near Ford which is next to Ferrari, hand-made to order each new Ford GT. The car offered here is an incredibly handsome celebrity owned example of this incredible racecar turned supercar.

Tim allens ford gt 12

Ford GT on offer:

The Ford GT serial number H074 and VIN number 2FAGP9CW3HH200074 were reassigned by Tim Allen and delivered to him via Galpin Ford in North Hills, CA.

Tim Allen sold this Ford GT 671 miles to the current (2nd) owner in October 2021, and it is presented here in excellent near-new condition, 739 miles from the new.

The H074 was made in a small no-stripe specification with a total MSRP of $ 485,500.00. The options applied to this GT are summarized as follows:

• External carbon fiber package with gloss finish at a cost of $ 15,000.
• Lightweight carbon fiber wheel glossy finish costs $ 15,000.
নীল Blue brake caliper at a cost of $ 1,000.
কালো Black indoor car cover at a cost of 50 750.

The Ford GT is the only current supercar that can claim to be based solely on a Le Mans-winning racecar, not just truly hand-made. Modern supercars with an iconic racing tradition like the ’17 + Ford GT ‘are few and far between, cementing the car as a collectible classic of a certain future.

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