The primary, stock and original muscle cars listed for the Wendlinger collection

Presented by Wendlinger Collection.

Often cars of this caliber do not come for sale. Known as The Wendlinger Collection, this car collection has been maintained in a high-end, climate-controlled facility since the 90’s. Here are some samples of these highly recovered original muscle cars today. Most of the cars in Ron’s collection consist of well-documented, stock, low mileage, high-performance vintage muscle cars.

Whenever you buy a car from an auctioneer, dealer or personal seller, there is always uncertainty about the veracity, history and complete integrity of what you are buying. These cars are really the real thing. They look better now than they did in the 60’s and 70’s when they first hit the dealer’s showroom. You can almost guarantee that the only additional costs you will incur are registration, insurance and annual oil change.

For sale some of the best muscle cars on the planet. The “Dream Come True” collection is a dream come true, so be prepared to win the best show every time one of these classics is shown. Each car will bring you back to a time when you felt like you were sitting in a dealership from the late 60s to the early 70s. There is nothing better than reviving your youth through nostalgic memories of your high school and college years.

1969 ½ Plymouth Roadrunner (A12) 4-Spd

  • Vitamin C
  • Dana 60 w / 410 super-track option
  • 15 X 6H wheel
  • Lift-off hood (fiberglass)
  • Bench seats (rare option), original AM / FM stereo
  • 440, 6-pack
  • Decoded by Galen Govier
  • Frame-off restored by Mark Irwin

1970 Plymouth Chuda (F-Series) 4-SPD

  • Plum crazy
  • Comes with a broadcast sheet
  • Trim tags decoded by Galen Govier
  • Shaker hood, power windows, rear defrost, original AM / FM stereo w / 8-track
  • 440, 6-pack w / wing rear end (A833)
  • Frame-off recovery

1969 Oldsmobile 442 W30

  • Automatic
  • Matching of #
  • Original AM / FM stereo w / 8-track, tilt wheel
  • Frame-off recovery by Steve Minor (Rocket Report)

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram-Air3

  • Automatic
  • Matching # with documentation (PHS)
  • 2-owner car w / less actual miles
  • Formula wheel (super-rare) power windows, rear defrost, original AM / FM stereo w / 8-track
  • Restore frame closure

1968 442 W30 4-Spd

  • 2-owner car
  • Matching of #
  • Original AM / FM stereo, tilt steering wheel
  • Magazine car
  • Frame-off recovery by Steve Minor (Rocket Report)

1971 Oldsmobile 442 Variable

  • 455 4-Barrel (Badged as W30) w / Original Ram Air Hood (rare option)
  • Automatic
  • Air Conditioning (Very Rare Option), His / Horse Hurst Shifter, Power Windows, Original AM / FM Stereo w / 8-track,
  • Rocket report included
  • Carefully recovered by Steve Minor

1967 Chevrolet Chevel SS4-SPD

  • Tuxedo Black w / Black Vinyl Top
  • Factory Triple Black Car
  • Red stripe
  • 1 of 612 375hp vehicles
  • 396-375 hp
  • Location 3: 73r
  • Touch
  • Center console
  • Documentation
  • Matching of #
  • Make the sheet
  • Window sticker
  • Power break
  • Disc brakes
  • Frame off recovery

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