The Porsche Tycoon Formula E Safety car drove off the streets of Berlin

Formula E safety cars can move off the track.

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S has the responsibility of being a Formula E safety car, but as a road car, it also specializes in being able to hit the road and promote Formula E and the electric revolution. Racing has done just that in Berlin. The car plays in the colors of all 11 teams in Formula E and being an electric car in itself, the Taycan Turbo S shows what electric cars are capable of doing in less than 3 seconds and at 750 horsepower tap. .

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Berlin is currently the only city in the world where Formula E has been a regular destination on the calendar every season, and Formula E thanked Berlin for its hospitality, using the upcoming Berlin Race as an opportunity to see 200 electromobility students from all over Germany. Electrical innovation first hand. In addition, 3,500 race tickets were provided free of charge for Berliners, and Formula E organizers are offering 150 surprise gifts to patients at the Campus Vircho Clinic in Charity. Formula E is a microcosm of change that is driving electric vehicles for the entire automotive world, both in motorsport and beyond.

Source: Porsche

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