The Pagani C10 debut is set for September 12 in Milan

The next chapter in Pagani’s history is about to unfold.

On Wednesday, boutique supercar maker announced that the Pagani C10 supercar will debut in Milan on September 12 and it has teased the supercar via social media.

Pagani mentioned that the C10 will mark the next generation of its hypercar.

It’s not clear if the C10 name will go into production, though don’t rely on it. Huawei’s code was named C9 before it was officially launched.

Pagani will not make more than 300 instances of the C10 and it has spread to coupe and convertible models, including the expected special edition. All build slots are reported to have been filled.

Work is underway on two versions of the C10. A Mercedes-Benz AMG will be powered by a new 6.0-liter twin-turbo V-12. The other one? A new era, all-electric. A pagan eve. Models with the V-12 will have a paddle-shifted sequential transmission or manual transmission to those who do #GiveAShift.

Pagani hopes that the V-12-powered model will be consistent with global emissions by at least 2026, at which time hybridization must be kept in mind.

The electric model can tap the bin of the parts of a Mercedes-Benz AMG, or perhaps the source parts from the Lucid. It is unclear at this stage. But Lucid’s main shareholders are Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and Sovereign Wealth Fund, which bought a 30% stake in Pagani in 2021.

Powertrain is expected to be less than 900 hp of C10 regardless. According to Horacio Pagani, CEO and founder of Automaker, these hypercars are not intended for the fastest acceleration or maximum speed. Each Pagani speed is limited to 217 mph. Pagani’s focus is light.

The design, which was seen in early May, will be evolutionary from Huara. The components of both Huara and Jonda seem to be mixed together, but a flat area in the back may indicate some active air component.

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