The new Tankoa Yacht T500 is ready to ride anywhere in Tethys style

Tankoa Yachts’ new T500 Tethys is versatile, capable, and incredibly luxurious.

Vincenzo Poerio, CEO of Tankoa Yachts, says that when it comes to the new T500 Tethys superyacht, “the only limitation is the owner’s imagination.” This is because this new yacht, more than 164 feet long, is more adventurous than the Mediterranean, designed to go anywhere in high-latitude waters, all in style, comfort and pure luxury. Available with traditional, hybrid, and diesel-electric propulsion, much depends on you about the T500 Tethys. The two deckable spaces on the lower deck are available for use as additional cabins, a gym, a theater, an office or more.

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The interior, created by a Studio Hot Lab in Milan, is designed to easily host large groups with both deck generous lounge space, a generously appointed sundeck and more appointments for everyone on board to enjoy. The owner’s room is a full-beam suite with a large bathroom and a walk-in closet. With the Tankoa Yachts T500 Tethys, you can always look forward to cruising with luxury, comfort, convenience and pure enjoyment.

Source: Rodoya Yates

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