The new Porsche Tycoon GTS is the 90th honor of the Hockenheimer version track

90 years after its inception, Hockenheimer is honored with an all-electric sports sedan.

Hockenheimring is one of the most prestigious and important race tracks in Germany, and the Porsche Experience Center on the track is a place where Porsche clients and fans experience once in a lifetime being able to push a Porsche to its limits. To honor these things at the 90th anniversary of Hockenheimer, the first event of which was a motorcycle race, on May 29, 1932, Porsche launched a new special edition, the Porsche Tycoon GTS Hockenheimer Edition.

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This special edition Taycan GTS custom stone program from Stone Gray Paintwork, with bronze-colored accents, makes it a unique, elegant and beautiful car to look at. It runs on the interior with black leather that features, for the first time, Ticane Island green stitching, as well as wood with open holes throughout the interior. A Hockenheimring 90th Anniversary logo is also included, in places like a poodle light, and a custom key that features the same color as the car, and gives owners of this special edition access to two years of free charging at the Hockenheimring Porsche Experience Center. , As well as preferential parking at PEC’s Frühschicht events. The car will soon be available in other markets in Germany and Europe.

Source: Porsche

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