The new Ford Mustang has been confirmed as part of a 5 billion investment

Ford Motor Company It is spreading its cash again as a pledge to invest US $ 3.7 billion ($ A5.09 billion) In production in the United States.

The announcement includes confirmation that Ford will build a seventh-generation Mustang, codenamed S650, at a flat rock assembly plant in Michigan.

Up to this point, Ford has not actually announced plans to produce the upcoming S650-generation Mustang.

Although Ford did not specify when the new Mustang would be released or go into production, we have already seen the front edges of a few models thanks to the leaked images. Mustang7G.

At this stage it is not clear what will be under the bonnet of the next generation Mustang, but Ford currently offers an alternative to the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and the 5.0-liter naturally-aspired V8.

Ford may also work on some electric versions of these engines.

Automotive News It was previously reported that a hybrid model is scheduled for 2025, although it is unclear whether this will be a series or plug-in hybrid or which engine it will match.

The Ford Authority reports that regardless of the hybrid type, the S650-generation Ford Mustang will not be available with all-wheel drive, according to unnamed sources.

The S650 will have an eight-year lifespan that is roughly the same as the previous two Mustang generations.

The platform is reportedly not set to change much compared to the current S550-generation, which entered production in 2014.

Taking the second key from this $ A5 billion investment, Ford has announced that it will build a new generation Ranger UT for the North American market at its Wayne Michigan Assembly plant.

As previously detailed, Ford Australia has once again led the global development program for the Ranger unit.

Through testing across five continents, Ford claims that the new Ranger has been the subject of more physical and virtual testing than ever before.

In particular, a Ranger Raptor prototype was used for a wide range of on- and off-road tests, and the twin-turbo petrol V6 powertrain traveled 150,000 kilometers in just six months to make sure.

Historically, North American Ranger models have been produced in the United States, and Australia-bound Ranger models have been produced by Ford Thailand.

The first shipment of Ranger UTS has already begun their journey downhill. Ford Thailand Manufacturing recently hosted a farewell event to commemorate the first shipment.

Blue Oval suggests that the Ranger will arrive locally in July, followed by the Baja-Ready Ranger Raptor in August.

With this 5 5 billion investment in U.S. manufacturing, Ford will create more than 6,200 new union jobs in the three U.S. states.

As previously detailed, with this additional work, it is expected that Ford will be able to reach its 150,000 annual production rate for the F-150 Lightning in 2023. There are already a total of 200,000 reservations for electrical equipment

Blue Oval has also announced that it will assemble an “all-new” commercial electric vehicle (EV) in Ohio by the middle of the decade. For this, the work of expansion of production center is starting this year.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The US automaker currently aims to produce a total of 2 million EVs worldwide by the end of 2026.

This latest investment in US manufacturing follows the previous 15 A15.69 billion investment in EV production. The main highlight of the announcement was the Blue City Oval Production Hub, which will be completed by 2025.

Ford spends $ 15.7 billion on new electric car manufacturing plants in US

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