The new DeLorean Alpha5 has been released at approximately 0-88 time with 4.35

The modern evolution of the iconic Delorian brand has arrived.

According to many, the Delorian brand has created a one-hit-surprise with the DMC-12. It was a car that was strange, iconic and somewhat infamous, but most importantly it made a statement that sent a shockwave through pop culture that still has a significant impact today. However, John DeLorean had a brand plan that continued and the DMC-24, aka DMC200 or Project 831/1, is going to be the next evolution of the DeLorean brand.

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Instead, that evolution is the new DeLorean Alpha5, a new, modern DeLorean written by Italdesign aimed at preserving the DeLorean heritage and signature while creating a modern and stunning car that speaks to DeLorean’s mission to represent the future. It is an all-electric model with approximately 0-60 times 2.99 seconds, approximately 300 miles or more and approximate maximum speed of 155 miles per hour. The car is set to be fully unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegans this August, and with it, DeLorean promises to tell the unspoken story of the brand after DMC-12. It’s safe to say that the legendary Delores brand is back in the future.

Source: Delorian Motor Company

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