The new BMW M4 CSL continues an incredible track-centric legacy

The track-centric legend of BMW CSL is back.

BMW’s car CSL designation represents a vehicle dedicated to performance. CSLs lose weight and increase power compared to cars based on them, and when you drive one, it is clear that it is the most comfortable home on the track. This could not be more true for the new BMW M4 CSL, which BMW says is more like its BMW M4 GT3 competition-spec partner than ever before, and still embodies the legacy of “competition, sport, lightweight” in the biggest way.

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With 543 horsepower, the M4 gets an extra 40 horsepower compared to the CSL standard M4, and 240 pounds shaved off the car’s total weight, bringing it down to 3,640 pounds. With these improvements, including the removal of the rear seats, the chassis upgrade, the inclusion of carbon fiber everywhere, light-alloy wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes, the BMW M4 takes CSL performance to a whole new level. The 0-60 time is only 3.6 seconds, and the top speed is electronically limited to 191 miles per hour. However, one of the most epic indicators of performance of a track-focused car like the BMW M4 CSL is its lap time on Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit, which was 7: 20.2 for the M4 CSL, the fastest time compared to a series. Production BMW has ever posted.

If you want to get your hands on a new BMW M4 CSL, production will start in July 2022, and the car base MSRP is $ 139,000 and $ 995 destination charges. However, this is not easy, as BMW is limiting production of the new M4 CSL worldwide to 1,000 units and they are sure to sell fast. This powerful and iconic car will cause quite a stir.

Source: BMW

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