The new BMW M2 is undergoing final testing at the Salzburg racetrack in Austria

The new BMW proves itself in a true proven ground.

The new generation of BMW M2 is coming soon, the final test is currently underway. The new version of the car has already proven that it improves on the current generation, compared to the current BMW M2 CS, with rastrack-ready performance in a small, nimble coupe tap. Available with both a 6-speed manual and an 8-speed steptronic transmission, the M2 also promises to have a driver’s car in the BMW M Spirit, with options like a brake system and carbon bucket seats from the M3 and M4, and a carbon roof.

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As a racing-ready vehicle, the racetrack proved to be the perfect place to test it and push it to its limits, which is why BMW took it to Salzburg, Austria so that it could move at its own pace. BMW says the final phase of testing is already in full swing and the M2 will premiere in October of this year to mark BMW M’s 50th anniversary, with the new BMW M2 set to launch in April 2023.

Source: BMW

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