The Lotus Eletre EV SUV costs around $ 200,000

The price of the electric Lotus Eletre SUV may be consistent with a range-topping Tesla Model X when it arrives in Australia.

The Lotus Eletre, the brand’s upcoming all-electric hyper-performance SUV is designed in the UK – but will see most of its engineering and production come from Wuhan, China.

When it touches, Care Expert Understand that it will cost around $ 200,000 mark. When Tesla returns the price on the Australian website, it is not far from what you would pay for a top-spec model X SUV.

Matt Windle, Global Managing Director of Lotus Cars, confirmed the matter Care Expert The Eletre will cost less than £ 100,000 in the UK, equivalent to about $ 178,000 before taxes and on-road costs in our market.

Looking for a comparative car in our market compared to the UK, the Tesla Model X Plaid is priced at just over £ 100,000 in the UK excluding VAT. The same Tesla costs about $ 206,000 on-road in Australia and without any incentives (including LCT).

It would suggest that Lotus positioned its high-performance electric SUV to take it straight to the top of the Tesla range, and that its price matched (or better) with that of its American rival.

The claimed Lotus Eletre has a claimed electric range of 600km, with a maximum speed of 260km / h. The real party trick, though, is the ability to go from 0-100km / h in just 2.95 seconds.

This makes it faster than the current Lamborghini Urus (3.6 seconds), but not as fast as the Model X Plaid and its claimed 2.6 seconds (claimed).

Lotus says the Eletre is the first global SUV with 800V architecture to charge extremely fast when connected to a 350kW public DC charger. Lotus claims that a 350kW charger can deliver 400km range in just 20 minutes.

Eletre also supports 22kW AC home charging from Wall Box.

Although the size of the battery pack has not been confirmed yet, we know that it will have a power of “more” 100kWh with a power output starting from 442kW. For comparison, the Tri-Motor Model X Plaid claims 760kW power and 547km range.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

5103 mm long, 2231 mm wide with mirrors, 1630 mm long, and mounted on a 3019 mm wheelbase, the Eletar is a BMW X7 from the nose to the tail only 50 mm short and 231 mm wide.

Lotus Australia has already made huge deposits for the upcoming SUV and expects local models to arrive in 2024.

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