The inaugural Ferrari Cavalcade Icona is running with 80 Ferrari Manjas

A legendary assembly of exclusive cars has officially begun.

The Ferrari Manja is a car inspired by vintage race cars, and it uncompromisingly becomes a thrilling open-air barchetta that awakens vintage racers and combines that vintage spirit with modern performance and Ferrari luxury. As the inaugural member of Ferrari’s Icona series, the Monza SP1 and Monza SP2 are incredibly rare, and the first Ferrari Cavalcade Icona event brought 80 of them together for once in a lifetime, and that journey has begun.

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It started in Milan, and 80 Ferrari Manjas departed their first destination as a racetrack named after them. Visiting the Manja racetrack in an iconic performance car means the cars must drive the track and they did. After that, they head to the next destination: Bergamo Alta, an Italian city full of culture, art and rich history, such as the Ferrari brand and Manza itself. As the voyage continues, the final destination of Cremona, Lake Maggiore, Boromian Islands and Fiorano remains to be reached.

Source: Instagram / Ferrari

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