The idea for Goodwood is the electric Lexus LFA follow-up set

The electric successor to Lexus’ iconic LFA V10 supercar hasn’t gone beyond concept, but it’s clear the company has some work to do.

The company announced this week that its Lexus Electrified Sport EV Supercar concept – released by Akio Toyoda last December – will soon have its first appearance outside of Japan.

Location? The Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lexus Europe has confirmed, and what better place for enthusiasts to chat. It will be displayed on a special display at the festival’s ‘Electric Avenue’, a dedicated area for electric vehicles.

Lexus itself has dubbed the Electrified Sport concept as its “vision for the future all-electric high-performance sports car – seen by many as a possible successor to the legendary Lexus LFA.”

These are his words, not ours.

The wild-looking coupe was one of the highlights of the 16 BEVs released by Mr. Toyoda late last year.

When it comes to changing perceptions, Lexus has a form of making high-end Hello vehicles: look no further than the 1989 LS or the iconic LFA, which did just that.

Lexus also has a habit of creating concepts that reflect road versions, such as the LF-Z electrified concept and the road-going RX450e EV crossover, which must be taken into account.

The company wants to “reinforce the basics of exaggerated handling to bring out the full potential of its vehicle through electrification, linear acceleration / loss, brake feel and a more enjoyable driving experience”.

‘The electrified sports car will see the Lexus driving signature taken to the next level,’ it adds.

Lexus suggests that the 100km / h acceleration time will be in less than two-second range and the car will have a driving range of more than 700km.

“It’s possible that a production model could use new solid-state battery technology to achieve truly high performance,” adds Lexus – obviously the best way to reduce development costs for the new Holy Grail technology is to roll out their super-expensive, hyper-car. .

“Lexus will build a next-generation battery-powered EV sports car that will inherit driving taste or performance that has been cultivated through the development of ‘secret sauce’, ‘LFA,'” he concluded.

The 2011-2013 Lexus LFA went down as an icon, much like what it said about the brand as a whole. Its screaming Yamaha-co-developed V10 was clearly a masterpiece.

If we look for a timeline that when we see a road-going Lexus Electrified Sport EV Supercar, we can look at the LFA template again. LFA was a decade of development, emerging as an idea in early 2005 and officially released in Tokyo in late 2009.

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