The first Bugatti Centodici has finally been delivered to its customers

One of the rare parts of Bugatti’s autonomous excellence has finally been fruitful.

The Bugatti Centodici has been the subject of much anticipation year after year, and the reason is that the Centodici is the junction of the Bugatti legend. It combines the W16 engine that forever changed the world of automotive with the legend of the 1990s Bugatti EB 110 Supercar. After all, the Bugatti has made strenuous efforts to build the Centodic as an incredible and capable hypercar, although only 10 of them have been built, which is why we have had to wait so long for it to finally reach its customers. However, that wait is finally over, as Bugatti delivers the first Centodici to its customers.

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The car is finished in EB110 Blue, the color best known for the EB110 that was inspired by Centodici, and even the factory that was built in Campogaliano, Italy. This is because the owner of this Centodic also owns an EB110 GT of the same color. Since the launch of Centodieci in the 110th anniversary of Bugatti in 2019, all 10 Centodiecis were immediately calculated, and the EB110 has begun to sell for an astonishing number at auction, most recently by RM Sotheby’s on Amelia Island for more than $ 2 million. Now that we’ve seen what happened to this well-deserved hype, it’s time for the Bugatti Centodici era to begin.

Source: Bugatti

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