The Caton Austin-Haley 100 Ristomod improves on a beautiful root

The UK-based Caton is launching an Austin-Haley 100 Restomad, which has a planned 25 vehicles.

The Haley by Caton follows the well-trodden path of other restomados, adding modern features to a classic car without changing the style that makes it an icon in the first place. Healey Restomod features a newly designed grille, removed front bumper and a new front valence for a clean look. However, it is still recognized as Healy.

The car has a redesigned aluminum front fender with large integrated vents and a smooth-out bodywork that eliminates factory seams. In a press release, Caton said it was created in a combination of modern and old-school methods. Some parts are made by hand on an English wheel, others on a CNC machine. Each car spends two weeks in a paint shop.

Austin-Haley 100 by Caton

Austin-Haley 100 by Caton

Caton has chosen its RestMode based on the initial BN1 4-cylinder Healey 100/4 because it is more easily upgradeable than the next inline-6 ​​version, according to the company. The 2.5-liter Inline-4 is based on the original engine, but has a lighter block, a ported head, a high-compression piston, a larger carburetor and a more aggressive camshaft. The result is 185 hp-stock slightly more than double the 90-hp output এবং and 195 lb-ft of torque.

The Caton Stock replaces the 3-speed manual transmission with a modern 5-speed manual. It also perforates somewhat awkward elongated shifters found in real cars for a more conventional setup. And when a stock Healey 100 lets the 6-footer comfortably get behind the wheels, a tough push for the taller drivers, a new paddle box and a restored rear bodywork, Caton claims.

In the spirit of the no-frills British sports car, Caton’s Haley lacks a roof, tonic cover and heater. Caton has decided not to fit a modern audio system, although it does stick a few USB ports on the dashboard to charge the device. Door panels have also been replaced to hold water bottles.

Austin-Haley 100 by Caton

Austin-Haley 100 by Caton

Healey retains its helpless steering and rear semi-circular leaf spring suspension, with double wishbone at the front and adjustable coil springs. Rustomode rolls on 72-spoke Borani wire wheels with modern Michelin tires.

Caton plans to follow Haley with other projects, not just cars. According to the company’s website, jewelry, timepieces and other luxury items are also possible. Since the market is already crowded with subtle restmods, having a backup plan is probably a good idea.

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