The Buick Electra-X concept previews the upcoming Ultium-based EVs

Buick is building electric vehicles based on General Motors’ Altium platform and battery technology, and hints at what the Electra-X concept is going to be like this week.

Set to debut at a Buick brand event in China in early June, the Electra-X follows Buick’s Electra concept from 2020 (shown below) and is described as an SUV consistent with the brand’s latest design policy. Buick said these policies include clean, futuristic lines and light, airy interiors.

The concept will come with Super Cruise driver-assisted technology and a digital dash. No powertrain specifications were mentioned, but the previous Electra concept was 583 hp and had enough battery power for a range of more than 400 miles.

Buick Electra concept

Buick Electra concept

The previous Electra concept also used GM’s Ultium technology. Buick also introduced the concept of a self-driving minivan in 2021, which also used Ultium technology.

The new Electra-X concept is specifically called for a preview of China-bound electric vehicles, although some aspects may precede the components of Buick’s EVs scheduled for sale in the United States. Buick has confirmed that two Ultium-based EVs will be in local showrooms by the end of 2023. Both are SUVs. One will have conventional proportions, the other will have more coupe-like profiles.

Don’t be surprised if one or both vehicles carry the Electra name. The name has been a fixture in Buick’s lineup for decades. It first appeared for the 1959 model year and lasted until 1990.

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