The BMW iX prototype gets a radical battery, the claimed range of 1000km

BMW Group Has signed an agreement with the United States Our next strength (ONE) Incorporating startup battery technology into a BMW iX SUV.

The two companies plan to build a prototype iX with a range of 600 miles or about 1000 kilometers on a single charge.

This is more than double the 420km range claimed by the entry-level iX xDrive40 according to ADR testing.

ONE says it expects to complete development of the prototype vehicle by the end of 2022.

This BMW iX prototype One will have Gemini dual-chemistry battery technology with two different battery chemistry: one for “power delivery” and the other for “energy storage”.

Specific details in one’s battery technology are very few and far between but startups claim that it reduces lithium usage by 20 percent while graphite usage by 60 percent. It also reduces the use of nickel and cobalt.

“We are thrilled to be working with BMW to showcase our Gemini long-range battery technology to our customers,” said Mujib Ijaz, CEO.

“As EV adoption increases, drivers are learning that real-world situations can significantly reduce their battery performance.”

“Common situations such as maintaining highway speeds, winter temperatures, mountain climbing, towing or a combination of four things present challenges for electric vehicles.

“We plan to double-pack the battery, so that EVs can easily handle long-distance driving in real-world situations.”

ONE recently recovered a prototype of its Gemini dual-chemistry battery technology in the Tesla Model S and was able to cover 752 miles (1210 kilometers) on a single charge in a test loop in Michigan.

It remains to be seen whether the One will be able to show the 600 miles of electric range claimed with the iX in the real world due to its superior, about 2400 kg carb weight.

The BMW iX first arrived locally in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the high-performance flagship iX M60 is expected to arrive in mid-2022.

All iX models currently have a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup with total system output ranging from 240kW to 630Nm of torque in the xDrive40, 445kW in the M60 and 1100Nm.

BMW currently offers the iX with a smaller 77kWh battery pack on the xDrive40 and xDrive40 Sport and a 112kWh battery pack across the rest of the range.

The claimed range of the current BMW iX range is as follows:

  • iX xDrive40: 420km
  • iX xDrive40 Sport: 420km
  • iX xDrive50 Sport: 620km
  • iX M60: 566 km

All statistics of the claimed range are in accordance with ADR testing, except iX M60 which is under WLTP test cycle.

Maximum DC fast-charging speed up to 150kW on xDrive40 and up to 200kW on xDrive50 and M60. On the other hand, the maximum AC charging speed for the entire iX range is 11kW.

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