The Alfa Romeo Lexus targets a level of quality

The leader of Alfa Romeo says the company is benchmarking Lexus when it comes to the build quality of its new models, led by the Tonale small SUV.

As a star when it comes to design appeal, mobility and a certain type of branch cache, Italian brand products are not always considered the top of the pops in this area.

“My benchmark is Lexus,” Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, said at a tonal launch event, as reported by the media. Automotive News.

The Japanese luxury brand has a reputation – backed by quality market surveys – for top-shelf quality.

Mr. Imparato, a former head of Alpha’s colleague Stellantis brand Peugeot, seems to be a perfectionist because he delayed the introduction of Tonal to make some improvements to the plug-in hybrid.

In April of this year, the Alfa Romeo Australia became the latest premium brand to switch to a five-year, unlimited-kilometer warranty.

All new Alfa Romeo cars sold and registered from April 22 will offer a new warranty, replacing the old three-year, 150,000-kilometer.

“We are focused on fully strengthening our customer commitment in Australia and by introducing this competitive proprietary proposition, we will ensure that our valued customers benefit not only at the time of purchase, but also with additional peace of mind for many years to come.” Director Stephen Lester says.

Mr Lester was previously Managing Director of Nissan Australia.

It is part of Alfa Romeo’s Head and Heart Promise campaign, which aims to underscore the Italian brand’s messaging vehicle reliability.

The role of the tonal will be to serve as a new entry point into the range, which includes Giulia and Stelvio.

This is the starting point of Alpha’s latest five-year plan, which the company will launch a new model in 2026 each year.

Built at a renovated Stalantis plant in Naples, the Tonal Order Book opens worldwide in April. It will not arrive in Australia until the first half of 2023, with a standard hybridized-petrol engine.

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