The 2024 Fischer Pier claims a 500km range

Electric vehicle startup Fischer has unveiled details of its upcoming, entry-level crossover powertrain, as well as previewing its interior.

Described as a “sporty crossover”, Fisher Pier Available in a single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive configuration with a “four tier option package”.

Two battery packs are also available, which are claimed to have larger ‘hyper range’ packs The target range is 310 miles (498.9 km)

Set the price from below US 29,990 ($ A41,771), Fischer Pears will be fully released in the second half of 2023 and will enter production in 2024 at Foxconn’s newly acquired plant in Ohio.

Fischer claims that while it has already taken a total of 3,200 reservations for the Pier, the larger Ocean SUV now exceeds 50,000 reservations.

Pierre development is already underway, with prototype testing expected to begin by the end of 2022, according to Fischer.

The first interior render for the upcoming Peer shows that it has a futuristic-vision design with a Kia EV6-Esque front seat and a central touchscreen similar to a Tesla Model 3.

There does not appear to be an instrument cluster or head-up display in front of the driver.

The previous teaser image showed the pier having four doors, a pop-out door handle and a digital side mirror, with a thin headlight on the front and an illuminated ‘pier’ word sign.

Fischer confirmed that Pear is known as a ‘SolarSky Panoramic Roof’ which incorporates solar panels on the roof and will also have a ‘Houdini Trunk’.

The effectiveness of this latter feature is still somewhat unclear, but Fischer says it is “an alternative to the traditional rear cargo hatch”.

Fischer has previously indicated pears About 4500 mm long (Like the Volkswagen Tiguan) and has room for five.

It will be built on a new proprietary architecture, which will underpin two additional Fischer models set to follow the pier.

“The Pear will be a revolutionary electric vehicle that will not fit into any existing segment,” claimed Henrik Fischer, chairman and CEO of Fischer.

“The exterior design will have a wrap front windscreen inspired by new lighting technology and a glider plain glass canopy, enhancing front visibility.”

While Fischer is releasing more teaser images of the Peer and upcoming project Ronin’s four-door interchangeable flagship, the big Ocean SUV will be the first cab for startups.

Currently, Magna-Stear is preparing to start production of Fischer Ocean from November 17, 2022 at a carbon-neutral plant in a garage in Austria.

Ocean starts at $ 37,499 ($ ​​A52,229) before crediting federal and state taxes in the United States.

Fischer has confirmed that it will make the ocean on the right drive as it will be sold in Europe and the UK, although it has not yet officially confirmed the Australian launch plan.

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