The 2023 Polyester 2 BST version offers 270 handling and performance upgrades

Polyester has decided what it will do with its production center where Polyester 1 was made, at least temporarily: make special edition Polyester 2.

On Thursday, the 2023 Polyester 2 BST version 270 was unveiled with power, suspension, chassis and wheel upgrades. It is priced at $ 76,900, including the destination, and Polyester dealers will start taking orders as soon as they set delivery later this year.

For those who are wondering, Polyester spokesman Donnie Nordlicht would not say what BST means in the name of the special edition because he and Christian Samson, Polyester’s head of vehicle development, laughed during an interview. Motor authority. “It’s an inner moniker,” Nordlicht laughed.

270 units of the BST version 270 will be produced, with a maximum of only 47 supplied in the United States and about 15 in Canada. Final number not set. Each of these special editions will be manufactured at Lukiao 2’s production line in China, but will then be shipped to Chengdu, China, where they will be refined at a polyester manufacturing plant. The same advantage where Polyester 1 was made.

2023 Polyester 2 BST Version 270

2023 Polyester 2 BST Version 270

Suspension and chassis refining

The main part of the BST version 270 includes an extended and refined polyester 2 with small changes that should be added for larger improvements. According to Samson, the team took 25 millimeters (about an inch) from the height of the ride, which still had a lot of work to achieve while maintaining the quality of the ride.

2023 Polyester 2 BST Version 270

2023 Polyester 2 BST Version 270

Ohlin shock absorbers were returned and new bump stops were made from scratch and this suspension was adapted to the chassis for application. The dampers were rebuilt with additional reservoirs beyond what was available in the Polyester 2 performance package. Reservoir canisters are visible and found in the Frank area under the hood.

A front strut bar, which is not in the performance package car, has been added. But there were integration problems presented during development. Polyester 2 was not designed to hold a strut bar, and there was a clearance issue that created packaging issues. It had a tight fit and some were re-routed to BST version 270 to make it work. The strut bar enhances steering sensation and accuracy, Samson said.

Samson quickly admitted that the Polyester 2, even in the BST version 270 form, is not a track car. The executive says it’s worth driving, but the changes don’t add “stupid (VW) GTI choppains.” According to Samson, the goal was to emulate what the Porsche does, but not to exaggerate or try to convince you in the next corner that this is the best-handling car you’ve ever driven, only to lead to frustration, according to Samson.

2023 Polyester 2 BST Version 270

2023 Polyester 2 BST Version 270

More power

The electric heart of the BST version 270 is the Polyester 2 dual-motor performance model powertrain and 78-kilowatt-hour battery, but a performance software upgrade to increase the standard car’s power from 408 hp and 487 pound-feet of torque to 476 hp and 502 lb-ft.

According to Samson, the extra horsepower comes courtesy of playing with battery temperature and overall system temperature, as well as remapping the powertrain. The accelerator pedal has also been redesigned for increased response from the extra power produced by the electric motor.

“It’s a ceiling for both (battery and motor),” Samson said.

If these numbers sound familiar, then in December Polyester announced an optional over-the-air software upgrade that would increase the power output of the dual-motor performance model powertrain to the same number. It is noteworthy that Nordlicht states that every 2023 Polyester 2 will have an updated power output with the performance package. The special edition also gets a performance launch control system tuned specifically for the BST version 270. The final performance figures for the BST version 270 have not been finalized, but Nordlicht says it will be the same or faster than the performance package car. Power upgrade

2023 Polyester 2 BST Version 270

2023 Polyester 2 BST Version 270

Slight visual tweaks

One has to look sharply to see a BST version 270 on the street. Around the wheels, the grille and trim are all painted body color and mirror caps and the window trim is glossy black. The two color options would be Snow or Thunder, with a charcoal wavetech interior. A Mate Center Stripe is available for 1,000 while buyers can choose the entire car for the Battleship Gray Matte Wrap for $ 5,000. BST version 270-specific 21-inch gloss black diamond cut aluminum wheels will be wrapped in Pirelli P Zero 245 / 35R21 tires. Although the wheels have some visual similarities with Polyester 1, they are not the same.

Experimental Polyester 2 - 2021 Speed ​​Goodwood Festival

Experimental Polyester 2 – 2021 Speed ​​Goodwood Festival

Goodwood car

If a lot of the above, and what you see, looks familiar, then you’re not crazy. That’s because. This special edition was, in large part, previewed by an idea that ran in the UK at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Samson noted that the differences between the concept and the BST version 270 are minor. The hardware is all the same, but the production car has been tuned and refined.

According to Samson, the concept was a single that was designed to look great and drive mountains in Goodwood. It was not very comfortable or loyal. The production version uses the same suspension design, strut bar and wheel design, but the idea runs on the Polyester 1’s tires. The difference comes down to the tuning material and the long-term durability test.

Nordlicht says BST version 270 is an exercise in showing what a team of polyesters can do in the future. “We can make a limited-drive car and make it extra special.”

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