The 2023 Honda CR-V teased before its mid-year debut

The first official picture of the sixth generation Honda CR-V The third quarter of 2022 was released overnight before the full launch of the crossover.

These first teasers reveal the headlights and grille treatment of the new CR-V The car pictured here looks like a sporty variant with a blackened honeycomb grill.

Also the wings have been blackened which extends from the top of the grille to the headlight units, which basically separates the LED driving lights from the main- and high-beam units.

The only bright work on the front is present in the Honda badge, and a pod surrounds the lower air intake side.

The CR-V has a hockey stick-shaped tail-light on the back. Unlike the current CR-V, however, these lights do not seem to extend to the rear fender and have a more square-closed shape.

At the bottom of the hockey stick are three L-shaped lighting units. The license plate holder has moved from the bottom to the middle of the tailgate, while the rear chrome bar has been removed.

Unusually for a hybrid model, the CR-V has – perhaps a fake – exhaust tips with a brushed metal design.

Today’s photos are taken by CR-V in China and published in mid-May, as well as aligned with Chinese patent rendering discovered in February.

Honda claims that the sixth-generation CR-V will have a “stylish and sophisticated design”, as well as feature “enhanced versatility”.

It also says that the new CR-V will have “a more advanced hybrid system for a sporty driving experience”.

The current CR-V is sold in Europe and the United States with a 2.0-liter hybrid system that produces a total of 158kW and 315Nm. The drivetrain is available in Australia as part of the Accord sedan range.

Based on the filing with the Chinese authorities, we know that the new CR-V will be available with a 142kW 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine Connected to a continuous variable transmission (CVT), and connected to the front or four wheels.

There will be a new CR-V in China 4703 mm long, 1866 mm wide, 1690 mm longAnd put on a horse 2700 mm wheelbase.

This means it has a wheelbase 68mm long, 11mm wide, 11mm long, and 40mm longer than the current CR-V. Like the current car, the new CR-V will be available in both five- and seven-seater layouts.

Honda will unveil the new CR-V in the United States this summer, but has not set an exact date for the new model’s debut.

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