The 2023 Honda CR-V interior was unveiled before its July 12 launch

Honda It showed the interior of the sixth generation CR-V Before full disclosure July 12.

It has already teased the front and rear edges of its medium-sized SUV, and images have already leaked from China.

Following the new CR-V Civic offers a dashboard with clean lines and a distinctive, honeycomb-patterned insertion from the steering wheel to the passenger door that disguises air vents.

Looks like a complete digital instrument cluster, with a view simulating analog gauge. The Civic offers a 10.25-inch digital display abroad.

Touchscreen is great for infotainment systems. The current model now has a fairly small 7.0-inch screen, where the new Civic is sold here with a 9.0-inch unit.

Honda says it will soon roll out vehicles with embedded Android Automotive, though it’s not clear if the CR-V will be the recipient.

The CR-V’s now tablet-style screen sits much higher than the current car screen, and the shifter has been moved further down.

The next change makes the CR-V’s dashboard look more like a car (and less like an MPV).

The featured model offers orange accent stitching on shifters, seats and steering wheels, with striking metal-look inserts on dash and doors.

Other features present include a heated steering wheel, heated seats and heel descent control.

The smaller North American HR-V is expected to be sold in markets such as Australia and Europe as the ZR-V, with an indisputably sporty-looking center console with similar interior design.

Hope the next generation Accord will follow the language of this new, clean design.

Similarly, the CR-V’s previous teaser and leaked images show that its exterior design has a clearer, crisper style.

The CR-V’s trademark high-mounted tail lights remain, but there is a flat surface and a sharp shoulder line that runs along the length of the vehicle.

It looks like Honda could offer a sportier-looking variant, as shown in the previous teaser, a CR-V with a black-out grille.

It’s even bigger – the new CR-V in China is 4703mm long, 1866mm wide, 1690mm long and mounted on a 2700mm wheelbase.

This means it has a wheelbase 68mm long, 11mm wide, 11mm long, and 40mm longer than the current car.

For the Chinese market, the new CR-V will be available with five or seven seats, and we expect the same in the case of the local model. – Sitter role for now.

With a longer wheelbase, the new CR-V could offer a wider third row. The third row of current cars, like rivals like the Nissan X-Trail, is best reserved for occasional use by small children.

A leaked Chinese government filing reveals that the CR-V will deliver a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that will produce 142kW of power.

It combines a continuous-variable transmission and front- or all-wheel drive.

Honda has confirmed that the CR-V will offer a hybrid, as does the outgoing model currently in markets such as Europe and the United States.

The company has previously confirmed that all new models launched locally will have an alternative to the hybrid powertrain.

The outgoing CR-V Hybrid (not sold in Australia) features a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a total system output of 158kW and 315Nm.

A plug-in hybrid is a possibility, as Honda recently launched the CR-V in China.

With the increase in CR-V size, this leaves some space for the third SUV model for the local line-up.

Honda Australia has confirmed that one will arrive in the next 12-18 months and it will offer a hybrid option.

It is almost certain to be the North American HR-V (aka ZR-V), which will slot between the ‘Global’ HR-V and CR-V sold here.

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