The 2023 Bentley Continental GTS range has been released

Bentley The Grand Tour, Continental, has picked up a sharp edge for 2023.

The Continental GT S Coupe and GTC S Convertible Supported by new graphics and new trim options to help distinguish it from the regular GT range, Sportier features active anti-roll bars as standard for handling.

Energy comes from the same 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 Offering, being built on a larger continental GT range 404kW Of power and 770Nm Torque’s It breathes through a sports exhaust as standard here and is good for a 4.0-second sprint at 100km / h.

The W12 engine offered on the Continental GT is not available on the S, as Bentley tends to have a “more responsive and agile character”.

Beneath the skin is an active anti-roll system powered by the car’s 48V light-hybrid system. Able to apply up to 1300Nm, anti-roll bars actively support the left side of the vehicle if you turn right (or vice versa) to control body roll.

When the car’s tracking is straight or the driver flicks in comfort mode, they relax to control the body and relax the ride.

Sporting SUVs like the Bentley and Lamborghini are common versions of the same system.

Outside, the Continental GT S has been distinguished from the regular GT models by its rich black color. The wheels, bumpers and brightwork have all been blacked out and the owners are able to substitute the car with a unique 22-inch wheel set for a more aggressive position.

Inside, the steering wheel with gear lever and seat center is trimmed in the suede. There are also unique readouts for digital devices, designed to reflect the car’s sportier focus.

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