Tesla raises prices again, including a বৃদ্ধি 6,000 price increase for the Model X.

Tesla has again raised prices across its lineup, the automaker’s website showed Thursday. The last price increase was in March.

Starting with the entry-level model 3, only the long range version is affected. Prices range from $ 54,490 to $ 57,990 for a 2,500 bump. The Base Model 3 rear-wheel drive and Top Model 3 performance still start at $ 48,990 and $ 64,190, respectively, following price changes earlier this year. All prices include a $ 1,200 destination fee.

Still, the Model 3 price is far from Tesla’s original promise of $ 35,000. As of now 2021 you can get the now-closed Model 3 Standard Range Plus for 37,190.

2022 Tesla Lineup (Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.)

2022 Tesla Lineup (Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.)

The Model Y price has now increased to $ 67,190 for the long range version and $ 71,190 for the Model Y performance, $ 3,000 and $ 2,000, respectively. A Model Y has not been available for less than $ 60,000 since March, when Tesla discontinued the রে 41,190 standard range version.

The base Tesla Model S now starts at $ 106,190, which is $ 5,000 more than before. Order now and it will arrive in March 2023, according to the Tesla website. Prices for the Model S Plaid Performance Edition increase from 1,000 to $ 137,190.

It’s a similar story for the Model X, which has a base price of $ 116,190 to $ 122,190 – a 6,000 bump – while the Model X Plaid is priced at $ 140,190. Anyone ordering a Base Model X now will not receive their car until June 2023.

Tesla Charging (Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.)

Tesla Charging (Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.)

Tesla has no public relations department, and has not provided a formal explanation for the price increase. Other media outlets have pointed out that rising raw material prices could be a contributing factor.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has voiced his concern about the economy in recent tweets, and Tesla is in the process of laying off 10% of its workforce. It also comes as Tesla is expanding production to new factories in Texas and Germany. The company also confirmed plans for a second Chinese factory last month.

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