Tesla Model Y has exceeded the official EV rebate threshold

The long-awaited Tesla Model Y will finally be available to customers from August this year, a starting price that will push it beyond the range of various state discounts.

The base Tesla Model Y starts at $ 68,900 before the on-road cost including GST, our price and specs details are available in more detail here.

At first, we thought it was close to the $ 3000 discount threshold ($ 68,740 or less) in Victoria, or New South Wales and South Australia ($ 68,750 or less).

In other words, we thought that if Tesla reduced its price by just $ 160, it could save buyers in these three regions মাধ্যমে 3000 through a government payment. Madden!

But that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Tesla’s $ 68,900 price excludes a national delivery fee and ordering fee. Including these, the base vehicle subtotal jumped to $ 70,625 excluding on-road costs (local stamp duty, CTP and registration).

  • Base Tesla Model Y Price: $ 68,900
  • Delivery fee: $ 1375
  • Order Fee: $ 350
  • Vehicle subtotal (duty value): $ 70,625

The fine print for the NSW and Victorian 3000 rebates at least explicitly states that a taxable amount threshold has been applied Included Cost of delivery.

“The taxable value of a vehicle is the total amount paid for the vehicle (including GST), including the cost of delivery, accessories and options added to the vehicle … and any other charges or fees imposed by the dealer on the buyer,” the NSW government states.

Similarly, the Ts and Cs of the Victorian government explicitly state that dealer or OEM delivery charges are combined with purchase price to evaluate eligibility criteria, as the figure above shows.

“Any ZEV purchase with a duty value of more than $ 68,740 will not be eligible for the subsidy,” it added.

In other words, it looks like Tesla Didn’t Carelessly miss the marginal cap by a few pineapples. We reached out to Tesla Australia for comment.

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