Tesla Model Y Deliveries Reach 2023, Production Rises

Tesla Model Y Delivery times have skyrocketed, but the company’s CEO says there are more vehicles on the way.

“We are working to accelerate the production of RHD Model Y. I didn’t expect the demand to be so high! ” Says Elon Musk TwitterReply to a tweet about the strong demand for electric crossovers.

Model Y orders opened in Australia last Friday, and the Tesla website’s configurator cited a delivery deadline between August and November for the rear-wheel drive base model and “End 2022” for all-wheel drive performance.

Now, a look at the configurator reveals a delivery deadline of February to May 2023 for both variants.

This is the same time frame as all the members of the Model 3 range which is the same as the Model Y, available from Tesla’s Shanghai factory. Tesla also exports Chinese-made vehicles to markets such as New Zealand.

The delivery timeframe had already been moved to Friday afternoon, just hours after the online order was opened, when the configurator read “November 2022 to May 2023”.

The first batch of Model Ys has 3000 vehicles, while the second batch is rumored to have 5000 vehicles.

For reference, Tesla sold 4481 Model 3s in Australia by the end of May this year.

The extended wait for the Model Y and the equally long wait for the Model 3 mean that your chances of getting a new Tesla in 2022 are virtually nil, unless you have already placed an order.

The Model S and Model X remain off-sale, Tesla has accepted the deposit but is not giving any information about the price or delivery time.

Despite the less popular sedan layout, the Model 3 has become the most popular electric car in Australia. Model Y can perform better because of its love for Australian SUVs.

In the US, which has a similar appetite for SUVs, the Model Y has surpassed the Model 3 to become the brand’s best seller.

The Model Y Range opens at $ 68,900 before the on-road cost for the unnamed base model, whereas the performance before the on-road price is $ 98,689.

Those prices are 000 5000 and $ 10,000 more than the corresponding Model 3 variants

The base model Y claims 455km range under rigorous WLTP test cycle and performance 514km; These figures are slightly lower than Base Model 3 (491 km) and Model 3 Performance (547 km).

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