Tesla is offering new advanced autopilot options in Australia

Tesla has made it easy for Australian buyers to access a full suite of driver support on the Model 3 and Model Y.

The local configurator has acquired an enhanced autopilot option, as seen by Twitter users SydEV.

Priced at $ 5,100, it brings autopilot, auto lane-change, auto-parking and summons functionality to the Model 3 and Y without forcing owners to pay $ 10,100 for a fully self-driving power (FSD) option.

The option is also offered on the Model S and Model X, but is not priced for Australia as there is no current sticker price for these cars.

The FSD is still available to local shoppers, and adds the ability to stop at car traffic and stop signs, and the promise of an autostier on city streets.

In addition to the advanced autopilot or FSD options, the Model 3 and Y feature adaptive cruise, lane-keep assistance and blind-spot assistance.

The advanced autopilot option has been added to some European configurations with us.

Although the Model 3 has been offered for sale since its local launch, the full self-driving functionality has been rolled out to some North American owners in beta form but not limited to Australian buyers.

That could change later this year, according to a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Aussie (self) drivers will “probably” be able to access the feature, “said an outspoken executive.Later this year

The price of the Model Y for Australia was revealed last week. Electric SUVs start at $ 68,900 before on-road and top out at $ 98,689 before on-road.

Waiting times for cars are already out in 2023; The same expiration date for all members of the Model 3 range as for the Model Y, available from Tesla’s Shanghai factory.

The first batch of Model Ys has 3000 vehicles, while the second batch is rumored to have 5000 vehicles. For reference, Tesla sold 4481 Model 3s in Australia by the end of May this year.

The extended wait for the Model Y and the equally long wait for the Model 3 mean that your chances of getting a new Tesla in 2022 are virtually nil, unless you have already placed an order.

The Model S and Model X remain off-sale, Tesla has accepted the deposit but is not giving any information about the price or delivery time.

Despite the less popular sedan layout, the Model 3 has become the most popular electric car in Australia. Model Y can perform better because of its love for Australian SUVs.

In the US, which has a similar appetite for SUVs, the Model Y has surpassed the Model 3 to become the brand’s best seller.

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