Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo has revealed the idea

If you marry a Suzuki Cappuccino convertible look, the front of a Swift Sport hatch and the engine of a Hayabusa motorcycle, you’ll find SuzukiIts the latest concept car.

The Japanese carmaker has officially released it Vision Gran Turismo (VGT) The idea that debuted in the Gran Turismo 7 video game on May 26, 2022.

A scream under the bonnet of the theoretical two-door speedster 1.3-liter inline four-cylinder engine Taken from Suzuki’s flagship motorcycle. Supplemented by it Two electric motors on the front wheel and one on the rear wheelMakes a total of three.

Suzuki claims that the fictional VGT has total system output 318 kW Power at a stratosphere 9700rpm, and 610Nm Of torque

With a combination of motorbike engines and electric motors on the front and rear, this means the Suzuki VGT will be a hybrid and all-wheel drive.

This is not the first time that Suzuki has expressed ‘ideas’ about the Hayabusa engine. It demonstrated the concept of the GSX-R / 4, a mid-engine sports car in 2001. This next concept is a physical creation.

Suzuki says it has used its racing technology as much as possible to create digital VGT, using as many lightweight components as possible. It claims that the concept would weigh only 970 kg if produced.

As mentioned earlier, the Suzuki VGT has aspects that are inspired by the Capusino Convertible and the Swift Sport hatch. It is a low position and tied together with flowing lines.

Notable exterior design elements include digital side mirrors, central fins and centrally mounted twin exhaust pipes.

Inside are two seats, a yoke-style steering wheel with a paddle shifter, a head-up display, a screen for digital side mirrors, and gear selection buttons.

Interestingly, the Maserati MC20 sports car looks like a virtually button-free and minimalistic center transmission tunnel design.

Suzuki has asked to keep an eye out for a Group 3 racing version of the VGT, which is set to make an “appearance soon”.

This Suzuki VGT joins a larger family of Vision Gran Turismo concept automakers such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Mazda, Subaru, Mini, Dodge and Bugatti.

As part of the formula, all of these VGT concepts need to be two-door Grand Turing cars.

As with previous VGT concepts, the chances of Suzuki going into VGT production are nil.

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