Stellantis is introducing Level 3 autonomous technology in 2024

Stellaris Level 3 will launch autonomous driving technology in 2024 using LIDAR from French supplier Valio.

The term ‘level 3’ means drivers can remove their hands and eyes from the steering wheel off the road, although they must be able to regain control of the vehicle at any moment – without having to sleep behind the wheel.

Multiple indeterminate Stellantis vehicles will use Value’s third-generation Scala 3 Leader technology, with a resolution about 50 times higher than its second-generation device, which has a range of three times better.

It is not clear which Stellantis car will use the Value system, although next-generation cars like the successor to the Electric Quattroporte seem to have an admirable application.

“Thanks to Valeo’s latest generation of LD autonomous driving solutions using our LDAR, we will provide a more enjoyable driving experience and give drivers time to return during their journey,” said Ives Bonfonte, chief software officer at Stalantis.

LiDAR can detect objects more than 150 meters ahead, which can be missed by cameras, radar or indeed the human eye.

LiDAR, short for light detection and range and developed primarily for aviation, uses a laser pulse to bounce objects, collect measurements, and map the surroundings of an object.

In a vehicle, it recreates a 3D image around the vehicle using what is known as Point Cloud, maps ground topology, and identifies road signs.

Valio said that its system uses artificial intelligence algorithms, predicts front obstacles and steers the vehicle accordingly.

It will operate at temperatures from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

In vehicles, LiDAR is commonly used alongside cameras and sensors. Volvo will use the technology in its XC90 successor, while companies like Nio have also introduced LiDAR technology.

The second generation of Valeo’s LiDAR system has already been deployed in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the first car in Europe to be allowed to operate as a Level 3 autonomous vehicle on the highway.

While Audi is back with plans to roll out Level 3 autonomous driving technology, other automakers are plugging on.

BMW says it will launch it at some point in its new 7 Series, while Honda has already launched Level 3 technology in its flagship legend in the Japanese market with its Traffic Jam pilot system.

Despite the name, Tesla’s so-called full-self-driving mode is effectively a Level 2+ driver support technology, where drivers always have their hands on the steering wheel.

General Motors’ Super Cruise and upcoming Ultra Cruise systems are also considered Level 2+ systems, the company said publicly.

Tesla has discontinued the use of LiDAR in its vehicles, and even removed the radar from its Model 3 and Model Y. The Tesla Vision Suite only has a camera.

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