Stellantis displays in-road wireless EV charging

The parent companies of Fiat, Chrysler, Citroen, and Peugeot, among others, have demonstrated technology that would allow electric vehicle owners to charge while on the move.

Stellaris An electric Fiat 500e is used to demonstrate what is called Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) in a 1.05 km circuit in Chiari, Italy.

The DWPT system transfers power to a wireless receiver mounted under a car, bus or truck, depending on the coil located below the road surface.

Although conceptually similar to a wireless phone charger (or wireless car charging pilot we’ve seen), existing technology requires charging coils and car-based receivers to be precisely aligned before starting charging.

Wireless chargers are usually slower than wired chargers and heat loss makes them ineffective. Mercedes-Benz and BMW, among others, have indicated their intention to develop and sell wireless home charging options for EV and PHEV customers.

Stellantis says the system is strong and efficient enough to test 500e (which is guaranteed for Australia) “to travel at normal highway speeds without using the energy stored in the battery.”

“Tests show that the efficiency of the energy flow from the asphalt to the car is comparable to the general efficiency of fast charging stations, so the driver does not need to stop to recharge,” the company says.

“Moreover, measurements of magnetic field intensity prove that there is no effect on drivers and passengers.”

The electric charging rod, called the Arena del Futuro / Future Arena by Stellantis, runs on DC power instead of AC. This allows it to use thinner wires and opens doors for more efficient plugging in renewable energy sources.

While the dream of an electrified highway is attractive, the cost involved is likely to be far off in the future.

Stalantis refers to infrastructural centers such as ports or airports, where vehicles cover a consistent distance on certain routes.

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