SSC Tuatara Land Speed ​​Record, Porsche 911 S / T, Ford Bronco Raptor Space:

When it comes to land speed records for a manufacturing vehicle, the honor goes to the American SSC and its Toyota Hypercar. A Tuatara driven by its owner has recently been able to reach a two-way average speed of 295 mph, breaking the previous record of 282.9 mph set by the same car and driver a year ago.

Porsche is rumored to be working on a modern tech in the 1970s 911 2.5 S / T, and we probably have the first spy shot of a prototype. The prototype looks like the testers we’ve seen for the 911 GT3 Turing, although there are unique elements that point to it as another retro sports car along the line of the recently released 911 Sport Classic.

The Ford Bronco Raptor goes on sale this summer and we have just learned that the car will be more powerful than previously thought. Yes, courtesy of Ford CEO Jim Farley we finally have the power figures for the twin-turbocharged V-6, a high-performance SUV.

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