SSC “Little Brother” is bringing the second factory

The SSC Tuatara only runs at 295 mph, but the automaker has multiple projects outside of its expensive hypercar.

This information was given by the founder and CEO of SSC, Jarrod Shelby on Monday Motor authority Twitter’s “Little Brother” will arrive in 2025 from a new production facility.

SSC plans to break the foundation of new manufacturing facilities in 2024. That would be four times larger than SSC’s current production facility where Tuatara was built, Shelby said.

SSC Twitter record run

SSC Twitter record run

The team needs more space due to Little Brother’s planned high production volume, which is currently scheduled to build 500 units by 2028. By the end of SSC, 125 Twaters (100 regular Twaters and 25 Aggressive models) are in the process of being created. 2025

Shelby is working to secure outside investment to build a second factory. He is in the process of discussing it with a few individual private automakers, as opposed to investment firms or banks, although the funds have not yet been secured.

Tuatara’s Little Brother will be a mid-engine supercar powered by a naturally ambitious V-8 that will produce 700 to 800 hp. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The first production was SSC Twitter

The first production was SSC Twitter

Shelby said M.A. The car will be priced from $ 400,000 to $ 500,000 in 2020, making the at 1.95 million Tuatara more accessible to buyers.

The Little Brother should look like a Tuatara with a design that is thought to be a scale-down version of the expensive hypercar.

On Monday, the SSC announced that the Tuatara hit 295 miles per hour, although the official land speed record for a manufacturing vehicle was set at 282.9 miles per hour. For the record book.

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