“Speed ​​Racer” is reportedly working with the live-action series JJ Abrams

Here he comes, here comes Speed ​​Racer, it seems on AppleTV +.

Diversity A “Speed ​​Racer” live-action series is being created for AppleTV +, reports Wednesday.

JJ Abrams has also been linked as an executive producer through his Bad Robot production company. Although Abrams is best known for his film work, he has also produced several popular television series, including “Lost,” “Felicity,” and “Elias.”

Work on the Speed ​​Racer series has been going on for some time, with the team behind the project also said to include Ron Fitzgerald and Hiram Martinez as writers and executive producers.

No actor’s name was mentioned in the Variety report. The release date was not mentioned.

Speed ​​Racer originated in 1960 as a manga series by Tatsuo Yoshida, entitled “Mach Gogogo”. It gave birth to an anime series that debuted in the United States as Speed ​​Racer in 1967, followed by remakes and even a 2008 live-action film. The film was written and directed by The Wachowskis and starred Emile Hirsch in the title role.

The story of Speed ​​Racer centers on the racing driver Speed ​​Racer and his race car known as the Mac5. Other characters include Speed ​​Racer’s father and car maker Pops Racer, as well as girlfriend Trixie and younger brother Spritt. Speed ​​Racer also has a pet chimpanzee known as Chim-Chim.

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