Singer’s New Turbo Study Restoration Service for 964 Porsche 911 Offer 510

The stunning reinterpretation of Porsche 911’s vocal vehicle design became even better.

Singer Vehicle Design specializes in creating new life in one of the world’s most iconic sports cars: the Porsche 911. The car features the 964 generation, originally built between 1989 and 1994. Stunning reconstruction of the 911 with the brand’s Turbo. Study recovery services feature low suspension, a revitalized interior, a bespoke finish, plenty of carbon fiber, and most excitingly, an increase in strength. The singer announces that the Turbo Study recoveries add power to an incredible 510 horsepower, all in an iconic and historic air-cooled 911.

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In addition, the Turbo Study-Restored 911s features smooth low ride heights and custom carbon fiber bodywork, including the iconic Vintage 911 wheel tail spoiler. The interior features a bespoke houndstooth upholstery and carbon fiber accents that combine vintage application with modern technology. The Singer Turbo Study 911 combines old and new features with features such as a manual transmission and wireless phone charging. Singer Vehicle Design is ready to create the ultimate vintage Porsche 911, and now, it’s even better.

Source: Singer Vehicle Design

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