Silverstone luxury vehicle sourcing helps you find the car of your rare dreams

Presented by Silverstone Luxury Vehicle Sourcing.

Silverstone Luxury Vehicle Sourcing is a procurement service based in Vancouver, Canada that specializes in acquiring the best cars in the world through our Bespoke service. We offer a curated shopping experience for our global elite customers in the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, looking for the best example to offer on the world stage.

Future EV regulations are fast approaching and with market price volatility, there is no time like the present to reflect your vision with SLVS.

Our services attract people who demand the highest standards of excellence. At SLVS, we respect that time is a valuable product and we will streamline the shopping experience if it is for customers who just don’t have the time or who want to bother with their automated shopping for their family or work within our complex network for those interested. Where we have strong relationships with dealers, private dealers and collectors around the world, bringing you a wide selection of the best cars, be it classic, current, future production models or even a part of motorsport history. , Adding a racer to your collection.

With SLVS, you will have access to vehicles in open and closed markets worldwide that offer our exclusive clients the option to purchase build slots on rare production models that will soon be on the road.

2021 Rolls Royce Ghost 3

Offering the highest quality in every aspect of our operations is at the core of our collection services. There are no shortcuts in SLVS. We only network with top tier which includes using world-renowned companies for air travel and travel to ensure your investment is safely transported to you. You can expect an unparalleled shopping experience with us as we handle all areas of the transaction, up to the most limited details so that your car is delivered to your front door in SLVS signature style.

The experience at SLVS is like no other. Your relationship with us does not end with the delivery of your car. We build strong relationships and our strong knowledge of the world of luxury vehicles will always be with you for the rest of your ownership.

Nothing is impossible with Silverstone luxury vehicle sourcing.


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