Rolls-Royce publishes second coachbuild boat boat tail

Who has everything, what do you get? Exclusivity

There is a little more exclusive worth more than that Rolls-Royce Boat Tail – Only three are being produced, and the German-owned luxury brand has now released a second example.

Inspired by a racing yacht in the early 20th century, the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail – first published in May 2021 – is the company’s first custom-designed limited-powered model of the coachbuild division.

Although each of the three shares the same body design, they are customized to suit each individual owner.

This special boat tail was introduced by a client whose family business originated from the pearl industry.

The client owns “internationally educated and universal in its tastes and influences”, as well as a “huge collection of classic and modern cars” housed in a dedicated private museum.

At the beginning of the commissioning process of this boat tail, the client gave Rolls-Royce the shells of four pearls of unique color. These provide inspiration for the exterior color that is apparently “one of the most intricate basepack finishes created by Rolls-Royce”.

The color of the paint is based on a mixture of “oyster and soft rose” paint, adding a unique pearl of white and bronze mica flakes.

There is also a cognac-colored bonnet with a layer of bronze and gold aluminum mica flakes and crystals and a matte clear coat.

The long back deck has signed wood panels that are pasted from the middle and inverted from the side.

These panels on this special boat tail are made of a royal walnut veneer, with a satin-brushed rose-gold plated pinstripe.

One of these boot cavities is a dining set with fold-out seats, as well as a pop-out parasol.

The Pantheon Grill is blended from a single billet of aluminum and is complemented by the rose gold spirit of the Ecstasy bonnet ornament.

For weather protection, the boat tail comes with a temporary tonnage cover, as well as a manually fitted fixed canopy roof with a flying buttress-style design.

Inside the cabin, there are “perfectly matched” cognac and oyster-colored leather and royal walnut veneers, with rose gold and mother-of-pearl accents.

The focal point of the interior is the watch made from Mother-of-Pearl which the client has chosen from her own collection.

“Building a motor vehicle by hand offers a new field of exploration and possibilities: we can achieve something and solve challenges that would outlast normal industrial practices,” said Alex Ines, Head of Rolls-Royce Coachbuild Design.

Rolls-Royce will unveil this second boat tail model at the Concorso d’Eleganze Villa d’Este event on May 21, 2022.

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