RM Sotheby’s will offer the only white Enzo Extent

Presented by RM Sotheby’s.

From the first day of the Alfa Romeo Stable’s Grand Prix Titans to the final, the game-changing supercar, Enzo Ferrari, launched shortly before his death, was a lifelong commitment to building a world-beating machine. Whether sitting on the top of a motorsport or in the centerfold of a magazine, cars riding the Pransing Horse represent the most sophisticated edge of technology and style. In that sense, the car in his honor, the Ferrari Enzo, is an example of something that has seen Maranello Mark become the most coveted and coveted badge in automotive history, from a sports racer boutique producer.

Like previous great Hello models, Enzo was created to push the envelope of road car performance, using technology derived from Motorsport’s top-flight and other global styling from longtime partner Pininfarina. Made from lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum, Enzo’s advanced chassis was dressed in composite bodywork, styled by Ken Okuama of Carogeria, and shaped by air-tunnel testing. Influenced by the firm’s leading Grand Prix vehicles, the raccoon’s nose hit a tone carried on the rest of the coachwork with fine ground-effect aerodynamics and a small active spoiler in place of the F50’s aggressive rear wing.

The Enzo Heart has a brand new, mid-mounted, 5,998 cc V-12 engine capable of producing an astonishing 651 horsepower যা more than any of its competitors’ outputs. Not only did it impress the headline power figure, but also how it was delivered, an addictive combination of low-down torque, an aggressive snap of acceleration with each shift of the paddles, and a rotating scream as it approached the needle. 8200 rpm redline. Like its top-of-the-range predecessors, the Enzo has set a new standard for performance and design, and, with a production run of just 400 instances, has become one of the leading collector cars of the modern era.

Any Ferrari Enzo is a rare gem for any serious supercar collection, but the Chassis 133023 is a more specialized machine. Less than 20 “ExtraCampionario” cars are finished in a non-standard color — a special feature reserved only for Maranello’s most valuable and discerning clients — this extraordinary Enzo is the only example of that team — and must actually run the entire production. Bianco in the shadows.

Completed on May 22, 2003, this unique Ferrari Enzoti, complete with a rare 3D black cloth insert, complete with Rosso Corsa instruments and extra-large carbon-fiber bucket seats, culminates in a striking combination of Bianco glimpses over the Nero leather interior. The car first went to Wisbaden, Germany, via Ferrari Central Europe, to Symbol Automobile in Switzerland, where it was sold to its first owner, a very private German-Swiss billionaire. Prior to its export to Hong Kong in 2011, the car was used minimally in those first years, the car spent most of its time drawing crowds while arranging the windows of the boutique dealer.

Unregistered during Hong Kong due to its left-hand-drive configuration, Enzo has served as the cornerstone of significant Ferrari collections in recent years, and its catalyst odometer readings stood at just 9,600 kilometers. Like many of the best examples of the Pruning Horse, this unprecedented Enzo has been recognized by Maranello who was awarded the Ferrari Classic Certification in November 2012. In addition, the car has received a full annual service from a Ferrari authorized dealer in Hong Kong.

Offered exclusively by RM Sotheby’s and offered only to the most discerning clients, this offer presents an irresistible opportunity to own a legend: the only and only white Enzo.

This rare Ferrari will be offered without reservation at RMSothebys.com in a unique private auction to be held on 29-30 June 2022. Contact an RM car specialist if you have questions about this vehicle.

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