Rick Ross hosts his first annual car show in 235-acre Fayetteville, Georgia

A Saturday full of celebrities, cars and motorcycles.

As car collectors and enthusiasts, passion for anything automotive brings together a community of people who share a common interest in design and performance. Along with local friends who attend weekly holiday car meetings, the endless list of car lovers is spread all over the world and includes some of the most influential people on the planet. One of the car enthusiasts is American rapper and record executive Rick Ross, who owns an incredible collection of unique classic and modern automobiles. This past weekend, Rick Ross opened the doors to the first annual car and bike show legendary Promise Land for his 45,000-square-foot home in Fayetteville, GA..

In the presence of thousands of spectators, the custom six-wheeled diesel truck is an array of 235-acre property-filled vehicles, ranging from high-end Ferrari examples. As the hip-hop world refers to Rick Ross as ‘The Boss’, that’s right He color-coordinated his personal collection in rows of over 30 cars. A video taken by Rick Ross shows his show-stopping lineup, which includes his Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari 488 Spyder, Chevy Impala SS, Custom Ford F-650, C8 Chevy Corvette and more. In the center of the entrance to the house was Rick Ross’s most valuable property, An early fire engine red 1957 Chevrolet Bell Air that went through a six-digit recovery and custom build process.

With car enthusiasts, a kind of Rick Ross car show has been welcomed Special celebrity guests such as American rapper 2 Chains and former NFL star Chad Ochosinko. Throughout the day guests have enjoyed music from the main stage, food, fun, and the opportunity to see the best celebrity cars and motorcycles in the scene in an iconic place. It’s no surprise that Rick Rick’s ‘The Boss’ inaugural car show was a complete success, making it one of the new car shows of the year. Check out our article on Rick Ross’s growing car collection by clicking the link below. Check back at the Dupont Registry for more upcoming Lifestyle and Celebrity Car news.

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