Renault still wants low-cost Desia products in Australia

Renault Australia still plans to sell Dacia brand products at lower prices, including the popular-in-Europe Duster SUV – albeit in the form of its next generation.

After putting Dacia products first on the local agenda in June last year, Renault’s Australian licensed distributor Ateco says the lawsuit has been quietly moving to market for nearly a decade (based on product cycles).

If everything goes according to plan, expect to see one or more Dacia products in the showroom here, but wearing a Renault badge in a market like South Africa.

Putting Renault badges on rental Dacia will save the company from creating awareness and support for a big unknown brand in this country.

“We will definitely see this product as a success in Australia and will extend our hand for that level of product,” said Glenn Seeley, Ateco’s Brand Manager for Renault Australia. Care Expert This week.

“It’s definitely moving forward, we see a good opportunity for Duster in Australia, but it won’t be with the current Duster, it will be with the brand new Duster. We see a terrible future for this. “

When new dusters become available, Australian design rules (especially the ADR 85 around side effects) should no longer be primarily running outliers and will be aligned with other regions. This will make it cheaper and easier to bring European fares here at a lower cost, as it will be engineered to meet the standards from the beginning.

The next ‘globalized’ duster will also offer a spread of more powerful trains like the market for us – more automatic 4×4, possibly a hybrid – than Europe and developing regions that are happier with more stripe-out cars using manual gearboxes.

Other potential Dacia products include the budget Sandro hatch (which was sometimes Europe’s best-selling car under the guise of its new generation), as well as the 4.6m-long medium-sized SUV preceded by last year’s Bigstar concept, which probably preceded the 2024 Duster.

Expect any possible next-generation Oroch dual-cab pickup based on the Duster, which focuses on South America, but safety and powertrain will also factor in the calculation, with some obvious prospects for UT-Crazy Australia if stacked up.

Renault’s budget expansion of the Dacia brand – a kind of parallel to the relationship between Volkswagen and the Skoda – would be a loose comparison, although the Czech brand is a more expensive proposition – meeting its global goals in Australia.

Last year, Renault said it wanted to launch seven models by 2025, in two C-segments (medium-sized vehicles), to revive some of its “iconic models” and to tap into Renault’s e-tech electrification technology, as Super has proven. Budget Desia Spring EV.

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In short, the company has used this line: “Dacia dacia will remain, as before, affordable, with a touch of coolness”.

The previous Renault Australia management was once quite advanced in offering Dacia a no-frills European budget competitor in Australia, but the business case never came to the line, or did not agree on a proper naming with the head office.

It is not widely known externally, but it is absolutely.

However, the French brand chose to run its Australian import and wholesale business directly last year and switched to using third-party vehicle distribution specialist Ateco, which opened the door for reconsideration. Distributes Ateco Maserati and LDV products.

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