Rare McLaren Saber going to auction

In 2020, McLaren launched a limited edition supercar called Saber.

It did not receive much attention at the time because of the specific epidemic as well as the fact that only 15 were built for the U.S. market.

Normally all cars were sold out before they were made, but if Saber gives you a fancy tick and your pockets are deep enough, you’ll be able to bid on one at Mecum’s auction to match Monterey Car Week.

Saber is the 11th car in a 15-car drive to go on sale, and it has just driven 100 miles from the new one. It has a dotted orange accent with a silver and bare carbon finish that also carries the interior.

McLaren Saber - Photo Credit: Mekum

McLaren Saber – Photo Credit: Mekum

Saber belongs to McLaren’s army supercar but is proud of a unique body and more power. With 824 hp, in contrast to the 789 hp in the Army, the Saber is McLaren’s most powerful road car to date, without any electrification. The power comes from McLaren’s well-known 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8, which rocks the Saber at a top speed of 218 miles per hour.

Saber customers were heavily involved in vehicle development and were even invited to test and respond to their drive prototypes.

Mecum did not provide an estimate but Saber initially thought it cost more than $ 3 million. As a reference, the lesser-known McLaren Speedtail sold for $ 3.3 million at a MACAM auction in January and another reached a final bid of $ 2.5 million at a MACAM auction in May but did not sell.

The Monterey auction in Mekum will run through August 18-20. As mentioned, the auction coincides with the Monterey Car Week scheduled for August 12-21.

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