Porsche x Remove x Ben Radcliffe Introduces a Life-Size Porsche 934 Steel Tube

The Porsche Art features one of the most iconic 911 examples, unseen like any other.

Throughout the year as an autonomous icon, the Porsche 911’s silhouette serves as a performance-oriented sports car for roads and tracks, as well as an artistic inspiration. While there are countless works of art, clothing and other products celebrating 911, Porsche is proud to showcase a new kind of art that highlights 934 911. In collaboration with the luxury luggage professionals of Remova and UK artist Benedict Radcliffe, Porsche introduces a limited edition 1: 7 scale tube sculpture full-size version of Radcliffe.

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While paying homage to Benedict, the life-size example recalls the constant design of the Porsche 934 911 Turbo and his incredible craft of bringing art to life. Radcliffe is known for creating similar examples using other famous chassis, such as the Ferrari F40 and Lamborghini County. The steel tube frame has the same artistic feel that each RIMOWA luggage piece represents, perfectly blending luxurious aspects with everyday functionality. With its most recent luggage collaboration with the German automobile manufacturer, it’s just that the RIMOWA x Porsche hard-carry case Pepita sits nicely on the exoskeleton of its ‘Frank’. Adding authenticity to the art piece, a set of period-correct Porsche Web Sport wheels is perfect for completing the look. View all current Porsche 934 inventory for sale in the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Check back at Dupont Registry for more upcoming Lifestyle releases and Porsche news.

Source: enedbenedictradcliffe IG

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